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Monday, June 29, 2015

Eating and Traveling

I've been making many efforts to eat healthier- more veggies, less processed food, more water, etc.  Things are going pretty well at least at home.

I took two trips recently and that was a whole different matter.

First of all restaurant portions are out of control. I tried to eat half of what was on my plate and was most often stuffed (and feeling guilty for wasting food.)

Also it is way too easy to avoid vegetables when eating out. At one meal I looked at the table and realized no one in the group had anything green on their plates. It wasn't a conscious decision, we just ordered what sounded good. It was nearly impossible to order a meal with two veggies without adding a side dish.

However, I didn't do much better when I was in control of my food. I found myself in the car for four hours with all processed food. Why hadn't I filled a cooler with cut veggies or made homemade granola?

The problem is real food takes planning and I'm not used to that yet.

Thankfully the pounds I gained each time came off quickly and each mistake I make gives me information to do better next time.

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