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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My little recyclers

My girls are buying into the whole recycling/make less trash thing way faster than they latched onto the eat less sugar or clean the house ideas.  I guess they were probably ready for this before me even thanks to the American education system. 

The other day Sammi picked up some cardboard on our walk and took it home to recycle.  Yesterday Stephanie asked me how we could reuse a tic-tac container.  (We decided to fill it with red hots.)  We plan to visit the dump and the recycling center this summer. 

Sammi calls our attempts to reduce our trash a contest.  We count how many days it takes to fill up the large garbage container in the kitchen.  Before recycling we filled up 2 in a week.  Now it's 7+ days for one. 

Having buddies makes this adventure more fun. 

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