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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sammi's bagels

So- where to start?  I want to write about the twelve steps of overeater's anonymous.  I want to share the book I'm writing about purging and cleaning the house and adopting minimalist ideals.  I want to explain why I am trying to reduce my trash production.  However, I think the best place to start is with making bagels with Samantha since that was tons of fun and all the pieces of this crazy puzzle seem to rotate around bringing joy into my life.

As part of an effort to eat less chemicals ('clean' eating) and create less trash (plastic bags) I decided to try my hand at making my own bagels.  I found a pretty simple recipe and asked Sammi if she wanted to help me.  She was totally excited.  She likes to cook and she loves to spend time with Mommy.  We combined the ingredients and mixed the dough.  Then it was time to knead it.  I showed Sammi how and she was a little hesitant to get her hands messy, but once she started she was hooked.  She squished, pounded, and pummeled the dough.  At one time she jumped up on the counter and tummy flopped on it.  It was hilarious!  Then we shaped the bagels, let them rise, boiled and baked them.  I might even talk Sammi into eating one.  =)  Who knew cooking could be so much fun?!


  1. I haven't tried bagels yet. I love baking fresh bread and last year I tried my hand at pasta from scratch. That is definitely a trial by error kinda task. The next one on my list is tortillas. I'd love to try bagels sometime though.

  2. I want to try tortillas too.